What our clients say about us!


The highest form of spiritual attainment is to be of service
— chrysalis sun


“Hello! You’ve inspired me so much ... helping me see that my thoughts, my intuition, my beliefs are real. I wanted to share that I’ll have my level 1 Reiki attunement this weekend. I’m dedicating myself to becoming a reiki healer and wellness coach. As an RN, I had the right concept, but the wrong modality. I’m so excited. You’re the second person I thought to share this with after my husband. And I can’t WAIT for your book. Just wanted to say thank you for being authentically you in a way that let’s me specifically know that I am moving towards my best self. It feels amazing.”


"This boot camp was absolutely phenomenal!!!! Chrysalis made me attack my fears head on! See what my fears are, see what they are rooted in, accept they are lies, and release the attachment. Sounds easy right? Nope!!! But the step by step process she provided made it easy to release with ease and see my power along the way. With all programs you have to do the work. Knowing Chrysalis was there with me even through my questions, stumbling blocks and life events made it all worthwhile! It's bootcamp so be ready for that spiritual workout!! But... also be ready to look in the mirror and enjoy the new you!!!! Thanks Chrysalis"


"I have gained soo much value in my life from engaging in Tarot Readings and the insightful information shared on BTheVibe. Chrysalis Suns' genuine vibes, gorgeous smile and deep understanding of energy and spirit made me trust her. I am grateful to be apart of this community of beautiful people."



“So a few months back I bought several powerful crystals and stones from Chrysalis Sun. Honey, these stones are the business! It was refreshing to be able to consult with a sista who is knowledgeable on the topic (not just from google either), spiritual (without having to appropriate or overstep boundaries in these traditions) and understanding. If you need your crystals, incense, herbs etc, holla at her! #SupportBlackWomenInBusiness



“I had an Ancestor Work Session with Chrysalis Sun the other day and it's taken me a few days to post about it because it was so full of SURPRISES. I've been actively, consciously connecting with the ancestral realm for quite some time, but there were a couple of issues that I was not clear about, and I knew this was because my own personality and ego were blocking the understanding. For this reason I scheduled a session. Well.....let me just say that the messages and clarity I got were incredible, and what was communicated is going to take me a minute to integrate! Whether you are brand-new to Ancestor Work or if you have been doing it forever, you will get so much benefit from a session with Chrysalis. Give yourself and your Ancestors this beautiful gift of strengthening your relationships, and you will all be grateful for it!”



“Chrysalis Sun
Brothers.Check her out.Sistahs too. But BROTHERS...Y’all need healing too. She does energy work. But this could be an understatement. I’m mesmerized my damn self. She identifies as an Ancestral medium. Very powerful gift. But she exudes another GIFT. Trait. Quality. SENSUALITY. Very sensual. I spotted that shit the mere moment the video of her giving a client a message was on my screen. AND as a woman who knows that’s she also exudes sensuality. I’m very aware of the power of this kind of healing. I have yet to have an ex (male and female) that has not tried to wiggle themselves back into my world, not because they wanted us to try again but simply to experience one of my massages or a love making session. Whew! Only if y’all knew. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHECK HER OUT. Wife’s. Baby Mothers. Girlfriends. Boo’s. Side chick. So-called BF. Wifey’s. And YOU TOO...Don’t let your insecurities or lack of sensuality stop your man from experiencing this woman if he seeks her out. You are doing yourself a disservice. ACTUALLY, both of y’all asses seek her out.”