terms of service



Therapeutic Vibrations LLC, its founder or representatives are not healers and make no claims as such. Therapeutic Vibrations LLC assist with guiding clients to their natural state of wellness. 

Therapeutic Vibrations LLC, its founder, or representatives are not licensed medical professionals. We do not diagnose, prescribe, recommend treatments, or provide prognosis. Our products, services, and council are not intended to replace medical, psychiatric, or other licensed treatment. 

Crystals, reiki, and other forms energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.  Readings are delivered as a form of spiritual counsel and are not to be taken as a substitute for medical, financial or legal advice


Therapeutic Vibrations LLC values its clients and their privacy. All information received, whether written or verbal, is kept confidential. We do not give out client information to third parties without the expressed permission, in writing, from the client. 


Therapeutic Vibrations LLC retains the right to refuse service. There may be times where it is determine that a client's needs falls outside our scope of expertise. If that occurs then Therapeutic Vibrations LLC will cease client services and refer to another professional if appropriate. 

Participation in any activity facilitated by our company is voluntary and at client's discretion. Client retains the right to cancel service at any time.


No Refunds. No Exchange. No Credits. All sales are final. Missed appointments are not eligible for refund or credit. Rescheduled appointments must be booked within 30 days from original appointment.