I give thanks for those that seek me out for spiritual guidance. As of 2018 I’ve retired from providing tarot card readings and no longer offer them as a service to the public. I do however provide spiritual consultations and bone readings which can be booked on my services page. Provided is a list of colleagues I highly recommend for tarot and other types of readings.  I will continue to add to this list.



Rev. Shawn Wells Goldman, OM, RM, WMA aka “Shaman Hands” is an ordained healing minister with concentrations in both ‘Healing Hands’ and ‘Astrology’ through the Universal Light Church. With a formal background in software engineering, he holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from North Carolina A&T State University. However, he is now mostly known for his work as a shaman, teacher, quantum physicist, astrologer, and oracle card reader. Shaman is also a certified holistic practitioner, certified reiki initiate, certified product consultant, certified wellness consultant, as well as a certified registered metaphysician and lifetime member of the World Metaphysical Association. Currently serving as the in-house astrologer and minister at the I AM Ascension Temple in Atlanta, Georgia, he is also the creator, cleric and pastor of Spirit Science Institute, an online school of metaphysics where he and his mate, Chrysalis Sun, teach the science to spirituality. The school curriculum includes courses on astrology, meditation, quantum physics, quantum healing, ancestor communion, psychic protection, holistic health, food and nutrition. Together, Shaman and Chrysalis offer a wide variety of holistic health and spiritual products and services. Shaman’s specialties are quantum healing, remote ‘long-distance’ healing, astrology readings, oracle card readings, and intergenerational education. He is especially equipped to educate the youth with even more emphasis on those with “special needs” and serves as a certified substitute teacher in the Atlanta Public School system. Shaman is also the owner and overseer of Fizzix LLC, a retail store with a significantly wide range of spiritual tools, holistic health books, candles, incense, herbs, supplements, altar items, and ritual supplies with a focus on metaphysics, spiritual alignment, ancestor communion, psychic protection, sound therapy and energy medicine.



Ayo is a visionary, business coach, prayer warrior, and modern day bruja. She specializes in tarot card readings. .



Ty Shaw is a respected teacher, healer and energy worker with a keen focus on the intersection of Spirituality and Sexuality. Ty Shaw has studied and apprenticed in the fields of African & African-derived spiritual traditions. Those traditions include but are not limited to Lukumi Orisa Tradition, Palo Mayombe, Haitian Vodou and Ifa. She has also studied Tantra (initiated in the Sri Vidya lineage), Herbalism (Western and Tropical), Astrology, and Energy Healing (Tantric Bodywork, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Seichem Master). Ty specializes in divination and diloggun readings.



Mirette is a certified intuitive reader and a graduate of our Language of Tarot course. She specializes in traditional tarot readings.