The Ins and Outs of Money Magic

My experience with money magic is that it is a journey of spiritual development. It’s not just about manifesting cash or a quick come up. It’s an entire reprogramming of how we relate with money. This is because in order for any money work you do to be successful you must learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship with money. Therein lies the difficulty. Because often this level of work requires us to break generational curses of poverty, release lack consciousness, cultivate forgiveness, learn how to manage money,  develop our self worth, practice generosity and gratitude, be open to receiving, and put in more effort. Basically, money magic requires us to completely change how we think and how we behave. This is why money magic works for some and does not work for others. This is why some are able to manifest abundance quickly while for others it’s a much slower process. It all depends on where you fall on the prosperity consciousness spectrum. 

Money Trees is my biggest selling conjure oil making it very obvious to me that a lot of people are in need of improved finances. I get it, its real in these streets and our ability to gain resources speaks to our survival instinct. Furthermore, it's impossible to even focus on spiritual elevation if our basic needs aren’t met. However, my approach to magic is holistic. Meaning that it’s important to address all angles when using spellwork to solve a problem. It’s not as simple as dressing a candle and lighting it. We have to first examine ourselves. 

The  science behind money magic is magnetism. Magnetism is how we attract money and resources. So if you find that you are having financial challenges it’s good to start here. There’s a few principles to magnetism. First, it’s feminine in nature. So it’s important to look at your receptivity. Are you open to receiving or are you closed off? Are you comfortable with being or are you overly focused on doing. These concepts can be extremely challenging in a society that values the masculine principle and is obsessed with doing. For women performing money magic it’s important to check your femininity. Sometimes our inability to attract money is simply because we are leaning too heavily in our masculine. I’ll be the first to admit that as a female Leo this was my biggest challenge. I had to spend the better part of two years nurturing my divine feminine. But that work alone greatly increased my prosperity. For men performing money magic it’s important to check your relationship to the divine feminine and mend any disconnects you may have with her. 

The second principle to magnetism is sexual energy. In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill mentions that the most successful and wealthiest individuals have extremely high sex drives that they channel into their businesses. He goes on to describe sex transmutation. This is essentially sex magic, which is a topic I’ll save for another article. My point is that if you find that your money isn’t flowing the way you need it to check your sexual energy. I’ve learned through personal experience and observation that the brokest people are those that aren’t tapping into their sexual energy. There’s a reason why the sex industry is a billion dollar industry. 

The last principle to magnetism is the heart. Our heart is the center of our electromagnetic field and the main avenue through which we attract things to us. If the heart chakra is closed then we’ve all but lost the ability to magnetize. I find that nine times out of ten if someone is struggling financially they are also holding on to feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, ingratitude, and bitterness. Such feelings do not reflect Universal Love and only serve to damage the heart space. None of which will bring the good things you desire. These feelings only bring you more circumstances that perpetuate a low vibrational state. Most often the heart is the most important area to work on when doing money magic. 

Sometimes we can work on our magnetism and still find difficulty in manifesting abundance. At this point we may need to consider other things such as:

  • Family Ancestry: A lot of us, especially people of color, come from generations of poverty. In this case ancestor work and/or reverence is a means to heal this wound. 

  • Spirit Guides: Sometimes our poverty is a result of a disconnect from our spirit guides. Sometimes they are teaching us a lesson. Other times we simply do not know who they are, how to call on them, or how to work with them. This can be remedied by working on our mediumship and overall psychic development. 

  • Self Worth: Oftentimes we don’t feel as though we deserve the best that life has to offer. We don’t ask for what we want and we accept less than we deserve. This tends to affect our drive, motivation, and will power. In this case it’s important to do extensive work on your self worth. Some solar plexus work may be needed. 

  • Environment: At a certain point you may have to check your environment, including the people around you. Ask yourself “Does my environment reflect the prosperity that I want?” “Are the people around me positive and supportive of me?”. You may need to cut some people out of your life. You may need to clean and organize your home. I’ll tell you firsthand that spirits of prosperity do not like drama, dirt, and clutter. Oftentimes our blessings are waiting, we just need to clear the path for them to reach us. 

  • Money Management: This is the practical side of money magic. A lot of times we are lacking money because we don’t utilize it wisely. Spirits won’t allow us to waste our blessings. Doing so is a sign of ingratitude. I can’t tell you how many times the Universe blocked my money because I wasn’t doing what I said I was going to do with it. A lot of my prosperity consciousness was me learning how to be financially mature-budgeting, saving, paying debts, etc. 

  • Self Talk/Word Magic: As witches we have the power to bless or curse ourselves with our own words. Therefore we have to be extremely careful about what we speak into the Universe. What is your self talk? Are you affirming your prosperity with your speech or are you perpetuating poverty? “I am” is the most powerful affirmation. This is why we must be careful not to say ‘I am broke”, “I am sick”, etc. Prosperity prayers, mantras, and affirmations work wonders in this area. 

  • Gossip/Envy/Evil Eye/Hexes:  Yes the negative energy and jealousy of others does have the power to interfere with your abundance. This is the one aspect of a money block that we don’t have control over because jealousy and envy are the result of another person’s poverty mindset. This goes back to my point about checking your environment and being careful about who you surround yourself with. Oftentimes the ill intentions of another will be revealed through subtle (or not so subtle) red flags, dreams, or divination. Sudden “bad luck”  such as loss of job, unexplained illness, homelessness, relationship problems, or loss of business are all signs that you may have been hexed. In fact, one of the first things that a hex does is attack your finances. When this happens it’s important to be swift and proactive as ignoring such situations will only make them worse. In this case it may be necessary to do some reversals, binding, protection, “stop gossip” work, sweet jars, ebbos, spiritual cleansings, and possibly engage in spiritual warfare depending on the severity of the situation. 

These are the very basics of money magic. The journey itself truly depends on each individual and has the potential to be truly transformative when we open ourselves up fully to the work required.

The following is a simple money spell that I like to do during the new moon or waxing moon phase

Items Needed

Money Trees oil

Rose of Jericho

Coins or loose change (any amount will do)

Small bowl


It’s important to do this spell in a small clean area that won’t be disturbed,

  1. Clean your work area with a dab of sweet smelling perfume, cologne, or essential oil. 

  2. Ask your ancestors and spirit guides to assist you with your money spell. Tell them what you want. Be clear and direct in your request. 

  3. Visualize your intention (new job, increased business, a raise, gambling luck, etc). Connect with the feelings as though you already have what you are requesting. 

  4. Place the bowl in the area on a flat surface. 

  5. Take a handful of coins and place it in the bowl. 

  6. Place the Rose of Jericho on top of the change. 

  7. Pour a small amount of water into the bowl. Make sure it is just enough to cover the loose change (about a quarter or half way).

  8. Pour a few drops of Money Trees into the bowl. 

  9. Recite Psalm 65 (you may substitute this with any abundance prayer, mantra, or affirmation that speaks to you).

  10. Thank your ancestors and spirit guides for blessing and assisting you. 

You will continue to recite the prayer or affirmation over your bowl of water and Rose of Jericho once a day for ten days taking care to change the water out every 2-3 days so the Rose of Jericho does not rot. Do not let the water dry out. If this happens then add a little to the bowl. On the eleventh day you may put away the bowl, Rose of Jericho, and coins or you may leave them and continue with the spellwork. This will be based on your needs and whether or not you are getting results. Never underestimate the power of water and a prayer. I’ve seen this spell manifest  miracles within days.