Originally published on January 20th, 2014 on www.lifesaltar.wordpress.com

Every so often I feel the need to purge. I'm typically moved by this feeling whenever I find myself on a low vibration for an extended period of time. For me, the low vibration is a result of a combination of internal and external factors so I feel them thus. I'll notice that I'm more inclined to be drawn to negative energy and unhealthy patterns of behavior, and that my physical body feels ill. My most immediate solution is to purge, or detox my spiritual and physical body. I personally have no desire to function in a state of unhealthiness. Not only does it take a toll on one emotionally and physically but the unhealthy energy creates a lot of personal blockages and eventually filters in every aspect of your life (relationships, work, home environment, etc).

For six months before I left Vegas I found myself living in a very chaotic environment. Consequently, I absorbed a lot of the negative energy I was immersed in and the effects were very damaging, not only to my spirit but to my body. Once I left Vegas and returned to California I decided to purge from January 3rd until the new moon at the end of the month (my longest cleanse to date). I don't have any specific system for purging. I go by what I intuitively feel my body and spirit needs in order to help cleanse itself. For this go round I knew for sure that I needed to fast--cutting out all meat, alcohol, and mind altering substances and maintaining a strict diet of fresh vegetable, fruits, grains, water, tea, and coconut water. Physical activity was also necessary and I made the commitment to walking every morning and going hiking once a week.  Spiritually I recognized that I needed to reground myself through a lot of meditation and surround myself with positive, healthy people.  I reinforced this by conducting a few cleansing rituals. I also made the commitment to write more in my journal, blog, and focus on my poetry. To counteract the destructive energy I strengthened my willpower and disciplined myself to focus on building. With this mindset I've been diligent in working on my real estate business and getting back into community activism--something I haven't been able to do in several months.

So far I'm only two weeks in but the effects of this purge are tremendous. I haven't been this focused, clear-headed, energized, spiritually open, and grounded in a very long time. I feel like I'm slowly waking up from a long sleep. The more I eliminate the toxins from my body and spirit the more I release the blockages that have been the cause of my stagnation. I feel much more connected to the Universe and aware of my inner voice.  What I find interesting is how a physical and spiritual purge happened to also manifest in my relationships. I now find myself separated from quite a few friendships. Some of the severing has been initiated by me and others have been the will of the Universe but nonetheless I get the relevance. It's just as important to be mindful of what we put in our bodies as it is to be mindful of who we surround ourselves with and the type of energy we're around. This means that my detox would be pointless if, at the end of it, I went right back to being around the same unhealthy people and energies.

Another thing I've learned during this particular purge is the need to draw in positive energy as you are eliminating  negative energy. It only makes sense that as you are clearing toxins out of the body that you would need to replace it with nutrients. The same goes for a spiritual cleansing as well. As I rid myself of fear, self-doubt, anger, insecurity, and judgement I make it a point to replace those negative vibrations with affirmations, love, joy, authenticity, gratitude, honesty, forgiveness, and light. It even seems like the Universe is supporting my process by replacing the unhealthy friendships I have separated myself from with those full of  genuine love and sincere generosity. The result is a well-developed, very grounded, balanced inner power.

All in all this process is not at all easy but it's very necessary. Especially before I make my move to Atlanta.  I'm over repeating the same unhealthy cycles and I have no desire to carry any baggage into a new phase of my life. To truly heal one must dig deep to find long-term solutions, instead of temporary "fixes". Only you can heal you. 

I AM the fulfillment of all my needs and requirements of the hour

I AM abundant supply poured out upon all life