The Art of Sacred Stones

Learn the Lost Art of Crystal Medicine

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Therapeutic Vibrations LLC is now accepting registration for the Art of Sacred Stones certification course. Learn the lost art of crystal medicine from reiki master, author, and expert  Chrysalis Sun .This is an opportunity to gain knowledge and receive information not taught anywhere else. The Art of Sacred Stones is a training course for those wanting to enter into the field of energy medicine or practitioners wanting to increase their skills.

The Art of Sacred Stones is designed to provide tools, techniques, and methods that practitioners can incorporate into their field . Upon completion of this course:

  • Practitioners will be fully educated and trained in crystal medicine.

  • Practitioners will be able to confidently identify various crystals and their healing properties.

  • Practitioners will be knowledgeable in advanced crystal grid technology.

  • Practitioners will be well versed in the chakra system, subtle body, and meridians.

  • Practitioners intuitive skills will be significantly enhanced

  • Practitioners will be attuned in crystal healing.

  • Practitioners will have the training necessary to effectively practice crystal medicine on self or clients

  • Practitioners will be qualified to establish themselves as a professional crystal medicine healer. 


The Art of Sacred Stones is offered annually. Course includes:

  • 8 weekly class meetings (in person for those residing in Atlanta, or online)

  • 3 course books- The Complete Guide to Crystal Medicine, Crystal Prescriptions, and the Crystal Bible

  • Crystal starter kit

  • Specialized crystal grid templates

  • Group crystal mining excursion

  • Crystal healing attunement

  • Course certificate

  • Your name and business on our practitioners REFERRAL list.

The course is scheduled April 6th-June 1st 2020.  Registration is now open with only 10 spots available. Registration is $3,850, a deposit of $250 secures your spot! Enrollment is a first come, first serve basis. Students registering after spots have been filled will be placed on a waiting list. Students will be e-mailed course syllabus and deliverables upon enrollment. For questions please e-mail


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All courses offered by Therapeutic Vibrations LLC are accredited by the World Metaphysical Association. Accreditation number 201609130LT