Battle Weapons & Spiritual Warfare

Battle Weapons & Spiritual Warfare

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Certain circumstances require the use of “left hand” magic. This can come up when our lives are negatively impacted by jealousy and envy, gossip, evil eye, hexes, and witchcraft thrown at us by others. We may also find ourselves dealing with police harassment, court cases, messy legal matters, mettlesome neighbors, abusive relationships, and unsafe environments. We all have a right to protect ourselves, our families, and our resources. Rootwork has always been a form of resistance from oppression.

Included in this section is an entire line of products dedicated to spiritual warfare- both defensive and offensive magic. Keep in mind that these products are potent and made to negatively impact the intended target. Please read through the descriptions carefully, make sure you understand how to use them, and that the work you are using them for is justified. ***IF UNSURE OF THE WORK A READING OR SPIRITUAL CONSULTATION IS RECOMMENDED***

Offensive Magic

DECLARATION - War water made for works involving offensive magic and spiritual warfare. It is specifically for laying tricks that cause chaos, discord, loss, illness, and suffering in your enemy’s life. Use of our war water must be justified otherwise works will backfire on the user. Includes instructions.

***WARNING: Extremely potent. Handle with care. Do not drink or get on the skin..***

HAVE A SEAT (conjure oil) - This is a traditional “tied and nail” oil intended to bind an adversary and subdue them. This oil is for those wanting to counter an enemy without harming them. This oil can also be used for other domination works.

***WARNING: Extremely potent. Handle with care. Do not wear on the skin..***

Defensive Magic

BRICK DUST - Used to spiritually fortify ones home and/or place of business. Brick dust is intended to both protect those residing in a building and ward off enemies by creating an energetic barrier that does not allow negativity to pass. Brick dust can also be used to deter troublesome neighbors, vandals, and thieves from approaching your home or business. Our brick dust is hand made by us using bricks obtained from churches.

HOT FOOT POWDER - A form of foot track magic used to drive unwanted people away. This banishing powder can be used to get rid of unwanted guests, enemies, negative energy sent your way, bullies, and energy vampires.

***WARNING: Extremely potent. Handle with care.***

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