Colognes and Washes

Colognes and Washes

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Our washes and colognes are highly concentrated and very potent. They are made by real witches, using all natural ingredients. Colognes and washes are for the purpose of ritual, spellwork, and spiritual cleansing. They can be used to wash floors, cleanse altars, call forth spirits, lay tricks, dress mojo bags and other items, and in spiritual baths. All of our colognes and washes are hand prepared and made with fresh herbs, high quality essential oils, and fragrant perfumes. The biggest benefit of our products is that they are absent of the dyes and artificial ingredients found in store bought products.

***Descriptions below will indicate whether product is a cologne or wash. Colognes are made with an alcohol base. Washes are less fragrant and are recommended for those that have skin and smell sensitivities***

ABSOLUTION (wash)- For purification especially after performing left hand works (cursing, hexing, binding, etc).

AGUA DE FLORIDA (cologne)- Agua de Florida (Florida Water) is most commonly used for cleansing, purifying, protection, spellwork, and as an offering to the Spirits.

INDIGO (cologne)- For increasing your power, leadership. confidence, motivation, focus, and drive. Great for domination work or when paired with tools that increase your will power.

MONEY TREES (cologne)- For wealth and prosperity work. Great for washing the floors of your business or office in order to increase business and attract clientele.

NOT TODAY SATAN (wash)- The ultimate cleansing wash for removing/banishing any unwanted energy, attachments, or hexes. Ideal for empaths, mediums, children, and those that are psychically sensitive.

ORACLE (wash) - For lucid dreaming and increased intuition. Ideal for those working on their psychic development.

THE SWEET LIFE (cologne)- For attraction, increased magnetism, and manifestation.

UNBOTHERED (cologne)- Promotes peace and mental clarity. Great for calming chaotic energies, stopping arguments, releasing anger, and settling restless spirits.

WHITE BATH (wash)- Traditional white bath for cooling the head and invoking good health.

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