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Smudging is the ritual of burning sacred herbs, usually in preparation for ritual. It is an indigenous tradition that is practiced all over the world. Smudging is a great way to incorporate the elements of fire and air into your ritual or spell. All of our high quality smudges are made with a combination of resins, essential oils. and herbs for maximum potency and results.

KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY- For reversing evil eye, negative energy, gossip, jealousy, or craft.

NOT TODAY SATAN- The ultimate cleansing smudge for removing/banishing any unwanted energy from your space.

SACRED SPACE - For blessing your space and calling your spirit guides. Ideal smudge to use when preparing your space for ritual or spellwork.

THE SWEET LIFE- For attraction, increased magnetism, and manifestation. This smudge is ideal for tantra and sex magic.

UNBOTHERED- Promotes peace and tranquility in the home. Great for calming chaotic energies and settling restless spirits.

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