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In 2010 I started my journey as a spiritualist by initiating an intense self healing practice. By 2014 I was taking on clients and working with others. Though I’ve assisted thousands of individuals with their wellness journey I found myself asking, “What more can I do? How can I impact more people?”.

The answer came quick- liberate them! As a result sovereignty became my mission. In 2017 I received a message from the Ancestors that I am to guide people in cultivating their fullest potential. While it is true that I have helped countless people what good is my platform if those that I have worked with aren’t fully embodied in their power? I can conduct readings for others, or I can teach them how to read tarot. I can administer reiki, or I can instruct others on how to perform energy healing. Yes, healing is my business but teaching is my soul purpose. And the sad reality is that much of the world is in need of healing. For every one person I teach there will be dozens more seeking healing.

In honor of our mission Therapeutic Vibrations LLC offers classes, workshops, and certifications in the field of metaphysics. We are the ONLY accredited. African-American, woman ran metaphysical school in the world! We are currently accepting enrollment for The Language of Tarot and Art of Sacred Stones